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5 Ways To Monetize Your Email List

how to monetize a mailing list

As you continue to grow your email list, you will be faced with many questions. Among the most important is: what is the best way to monetize your email list?

You definitely need to have a big email list if you want a consistent revenue stream and a fan following. It starts of slowly and the more you get into it, the more your list grows.

Email Marketing is the future.

There is no right or wrong answer to the question of how to monetize your list. There are multiple ways to monetize your list and realize the potential you have been dreaming of for so long, it’s just what works best for your brand.

Below are 5 ways you can turn your email list into a cash cow:

1. Banner Advertising

It may sound “old school” or something that will never work. However, this continues to be a great way to monetize your email list.

If you have a targeted list and can provide advertisers with a solid return on investment, you can expect this monetization technique to be among the most profitable. Be sure that your ads are not too spammy and would be something that your users would want and benefit from. 

If you have a large following, it may not be the difficult to sell valuable ad space in your newsletter, like directly above the header section of the email body.

You could even place a sponsored ad underneath your newsletter title. Quartz’s Daily Brief is one example of a brand that uses this technique.

2. Affiliate Marketing

When you’re solely relying on your own products and services to generate revenue, then you’re putting a lot of risk on the table. For one, your list will get bored by hearing about the same products and services being promoted every now and then.

But if you send out weekly promotions as an affiliate, then you keep your list active and looking forward to receiving your next email. Especially if you follow the mantra of combining content with promotions.

You can promote low ticket products (<$97 price point), by sending a simple email wrapped up with some small bonus package or review.

You can promote high ticket products (>497 price point) by creating an awesome pre-selling campaign and attaching a killer bonus package.

And this is the best combination – promote high ticket products during the product launch period. If there’s a hot product that everyone in your industry is promoting, then you have hordes of drooling wallets-out customers waiting in line to buy the product. That’s where you swoop in with your review, bonus, and pre-selling campaign – and experience a landslide of revenue.

3. Paid Subscription Model

If you happen to be an expert in your field, which hopefully you are, then it makes sense for you to charge others for your knowledge.

In fact, many companies that offer services are creating free content like e-books to illustrate their knowledge and expertise. While that may sound a little pretentious, that’s how many authority figures make a decent living.

Here’s how it basically works; you provide your subscribers something of value, such as guides, tutorials, or video classes. You may only give them a taste of this content and offer the rest of the premium content for either a monthly or yearly fee.

For example, if you’re a fantasy football expert, you could send your subscribers your top 10 player rankings which details why they’re worthy of your draft selection. To receive the complete and exclusive list, however, your potential customer would have to purchase the paid newsletter subscription.

A paid subscription model can quickly yield big time results. Small amounts, such as $7/month, can quickly add up if you have enough subscribers. Be sure that you are sharing content that is very useful. I would recommend having a large following to your FREE email list and then add a premium one as additional content. 

4. Create a Product, Sell a Service

Affiliate marketing is great, but you only get a “slice of the pie” when a sale is made. Why not create your own product or service, and then sell it to your list as you see fit?

Some people are already doing this. Others, however, such as bloggers, don’t have anything to sell. Instead, they are simply providing free information.

If you have the trust of your audience, you may be surprised at how well your own product or service will sell. Don’t just continually send information on your product, add it in sometimes as an additional to useful information. If you make every email a sales pitch, you are going to lose many of your subscribers. 

Apply pre-selling and bonus strategies while releasing a new product to your email list and you’ll see amazing conversion rates. But that’s not all.

Promoting your own product gives you DATA. Data that you can use to improve your funnels and also to draw other affiliates to promote your product.

5. Send Readers to Your Website or Blog

Don’t be shy about linking back to your website or blog, as this gives you another chance for the reader to take action.

For example, an email discussing the benefits of content marketing could link to a blog post that describes this strategy in great detail. Furthermore, it may lead the person to a post in which they can make a purchase or click on an advertisement. If nothing else, it goes a long way in boosting your traffic numbers, which will have a positive impact on your company as a whole.

There are hundreds of other ways to monetize your list. Most methods work best when applied in a combination with other methods as opposed to when implemented singly.

How do you make money from your email list? Kindly share your thoughts below.

What do you think about email marketing? Please share your thoughts below.

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