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6 Do’s and Dont’s When Turning Your Hobby Into A Full Time Income Source

6 Do’s and Dont’s When Turning Your Hobby Into A Full Time Income Source

So you have this thing that you love doing. Nobody pays you to do it but when you are at it you feel alive and realized. We say it's your hobby or maybe passion. Deep inside you you feel that if you could just have more time to focus on it, you could be able to turn tables. You could change the world. But the pressures and needs of this life just wont let you. You have school to attend, a job to report to and a family to take care of. It probably sounds ridiculous that you want to spend more time with what can't pay the bills. Time is money right? You can turn your hobby into a full time source of income. You probably will need to change your mindset a little bit in order to realize real success, but it's completely doable. There are millions of people all over the world spendi...

How to Become a $50/Hour Software Developer – 01Learn to Code

This is the audio verson of Step 1 - Learn to Code In this chapter you will learn, among other things, Why you need to learn to code The various methods of learning to code The methods I used to learn to code The most effective learning methods Learning tips Focus on learning only what you need to get your current task done Stick to one learning resource till you have a proper grasp of the basics Focus on project based learning approach as opposed to general learning Have a study plan for your whole study period. If you are getting into web development, start with the basics in HTML, CSS and JavaScript before you move to server technologies like PHP, Python, C#, Java and Ruby. Find a mentor, a coach or a codding buddy who you have direct access to, to assist y...