How to Launch a Successful Software Career in 45 Minutes

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About the Course

Course Overview

Do you want to get your software career started?

Are you already a programmer looking to take your software career to the next level?

In this course How to Launch a Successful Software Career in 45 Minutes I aim to teach you all the tactics that will help you lay out a strategy for launching your software career in a manner that will guarantee you SUCCESS.

Why do most programmers fail?

Here is the thing. Without a proper proven strategy for launching your software career, you’ll struggle and finally give up.

This course is based on what I have done in my career that saw me move from a complete beginner to a senior software developer in less than 5 years. I took longer because it was full of trial and error, and learning from mistakes.

So I decided to put together this course to give you a clear guideline, a road-map that will make your journey to a software developer shorter and more fun.


  • No prior programming experience is required
  • You can access this course from any PC or mobile device
  • No special software is required, just an internet connection
  • You need a strong desire to learn
  • What you will learn

    In this course, you will learn, among other things:

  • How to learn to code in a more efficient and effective way and save time
  • How to network and leverage your connections to find your dream software developer job.
  • How to build a strong portfolio of software projects that will get you noticed by hiring managers even if you are a complete beginner and can’t find a job.
  • How to get your past clients to write your killer recommendations that will give you instant credibility in the eyes of an employer
  • How to find and apply for software developer jobs in a way that will actually get you noticed. 90% of job applications submitted online are never met by a human eye.
  • 5 killer tips that will make you kill it stone dead at the technical interview
  • 3 practices that will make you a great software developer even if you don’t like going out and meeting other developers.
  • Mode of learning

    This course is composed of video classes for teaching the core content, worksheets for diving deeper into the content and a quiz for each chapter to test your understanding and implementation.

    You’ll also have access to my interactive QA forum where I personally answer YOUR questions directly and give  you more actionable tips. My desire is to provide you continued support in order to make your dream of becoming a software developer a reality.

    After taking this course you’ll be stoked with everything you need to launch a successful software career.

    What are you waiting for? 

    Let’s get started all for FREE

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    Course Reviews

    course-id-27 Overall rating: ★★★★★ 4.5 based on 7 reviews
    5 1

    Great Course

    5 5 1
    I am an aspiring developer, looking for career in mobile app development. This course has been a well-paced and simple guide to launching a software career for beginners. However I was not able to complete the course in 45 minutes as there are also checklists and quizzes :) but the content of the course has substantial and strong knowledgebase for the people seeking job into software development.

    I liked the course

    4 5 1
    This is a good course, but please, it would be nice with a lot more questions in the quiz sections.

    A good course for a programmer

    5 5 1
    This was a great course, ran at a good pace. You can tell Geoffrey has a lot of experience in the topics delivered. I finished this course in about 2 hours and a half and feel much more comfortable in my job search. Looking forward to enrolling in some of the more advanced courses if you will create them.

    A great guide for any developer

    4 5 1
    The information in the beginning about how to learn to code was very good. But you could have also gone deeper to explain how to use LinkedIn for networking because groups are not very common in my country. Overall the course is a great eye opener.

    Very Informative

    4 5 1
    This is quite informative. I thought that being a great software developer had more to do with learning to code than anything else. I didn't even expect that I will have to focus more on interpersonal skills that is the focus of this course, but after the halfway, I can see why it is. I now feel more confident.

    Great course for beginners and experienced programmers

    5 5 1
    If you don't know anything about how to launch your software career and market your skills, this course is great for you. The content is more organized and considering he also responds to the quizzes. I really recommend you this course, it is great and helped me to review some topics especially on networking. Everything is well explained and the instructor is great.


    5 5 1
    Excellent training course. Well paced and easy to understand. In some courses I took on Udemy the instructors speak so fast that I can't even follow along with them. i have to pause and listen again. So I appreciate that you speak at a slower/normal pace. I also like that there is tons of additional information (documents, downloads) to support the training courses. Thank You!!!


    Geoffrey Bans

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