5 Reasons Why You Need Database Backup

It does not matter whether you own a multinational corporation or you run a BPO at your basement. Data is essential for the running of your business. Since it is that important for your source of income, it needs all the protection it can get.

There is so much that your data can be vulnerable to, that is, theft, manipulation, hardware failure and natural calamities such as fire: or even a hurricane!

There is nothing that should be restricting you from taking such precaution. Developers have seen to it that affordable database backup tools such as ottomatik have been brought to the market to take care of such risks.

The loss of business data or a website could cost you more than you think. Once it is lost, you are in the danger of losing your clients, money and even the reputation of your business. Unfortunately, for all the training we often take, simple backup procedures are often overlooked.

Profound insight of why you need to back up your database will help you understand why you need to take drastic measures in regards to the safety of your data.

Importance of database backup

1. Unlimited Access to Data

Remote database backup is essential to your organization especially if your company needs access from remote areas or from branches where you have no IT personnel deployed. How cost effective could that be? Also, it will save you the hassle of having to buy drives to store data to travel with.

Data which is not confined to one location gives a guarantee on its safety if a tragedy is to occur at one site.

2. Prompt Data Restoration

What happens when you are half-way through completing that trial balance you have been working on for weeks, then a power surge occurs? There are chances that you might completely lose the data. A power surge is not the only catastrophe that might hit you. Virus attacks and malfunctions are also notorious for tampering with your data.

When such events occur, it does not mean that your work has to stop. Backing up your database will give you a second chance in the event of a tragedy. With a sound system, you will be able to retrieve data quickly and go on with your business.

3. Security of Your Business

Losing data that is detrimental could make your business to also crumble to the ground. The whole idea of a database backup is to provide an assurance that should any risk take place; business operations will not be interfered with.

Remember that the growth and sustainability of your venture largely depend on the data of your day to day activities. The only way to keep your business protected is ensuring that your data and projects are safe. Learn more here.

4. Credibility and accountability

As earlier mentioned, losing your customer’s data could make your company look bad. Database backup safeguards your business reputation by fostering your responsibility.

No customer wants to work with an organization that keeps losing data and cannot come up with a way of mitigating such a situation. It breaks the trust.

With database backup, the customer will not even know whether or not any tragedy struck the business because it will be business as usual: No disruptions resulting from a hardware malfunction.  Being able to recover data after a crisis tells a lot about your reliability.

5. Peace of mind

How do you feel when you go to work, and you are not sure whether you have locked the house? Very uncomfortable with the worry of the possibility of an invasion. Same goes for data backup.

By having your data backed up safely, you will have peace of mind regardless of where you are. There is no better feeling than knowing that you are not vulnerable to any form of loss.

Also, being able to have a plan in place if any misadventure takes place keeps you free of worry.

The mentioned are just a few of the reasons as to why you need a database back up. Also, remember that you should be picky when getting to choose data backup software. There is so much that you can assess, starting from the scalability of the software, durability and the cost of running the particular software.

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