8 Tips on Creating Coming Soon Pages and Its Importance

Whether you are creating a new website or an app or planning to redesign your web pages, your customers or visitors certainly wouldn’t like to be greeted to a landing page saying this domain has been sold.

This is annoying and directly hurts the reputation of your brand. The better way to address this problem is to greet your customers and visitors with a coming soon page that effortlessly communicates the what, why and when questions to the visitors.

Creating a professional looking website or an app takes time even if you have a team of expert web developers who promise to build a website in the shortest period.

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So, it certainly doesn’t hurt to keep your visitors well informed and updated on the development with a coming soon page.

Here are a few reasons why creating a coming soon page is important:

  • Coming soon page let people know about you in advance. When they will be familiar with your project they will easily lend their support to your efforts.
  • A published coming soon page starts your domain age counting. While you are still developing the website, it’s already been crawled over by search engines.
  • It’s a good opportunity to collect email subscribers and capture leads.
  • If you are redesigning your website, the coming soon page helps retain your readership that is it keeps the readers informed and loyal to your brand.
  • A well designed coming soon page generates excitement and anticipation which compels the visitors to keep coming back to your website or an app.

A great coming soon page is the one that sends a clear message to the visitors what the website will be all about. I have seen some awful coming soon pages where the background colour and text do not match, it’s almost impossible to read what’s written.

Another page had social media icons which were not evenly placed. Some pages have boring text which nobody likes to see.

However, creating a coming soon page is not that difficult you need to have prior knowledge of coding in HTML, CSS and JavaScript, but if you don’t, no worries, you can always hire a team of professional web development experts to help you out.

Here are some tips to creating a great looking coming soon page.

  • Be Creative With the Wording

Coming soon page doesn’t mean that you have to use “coming soon” or “this site is under construction” wording on the page. This looks boring and nobody likes reading them.

You need to be creative and think about a different wording like “something big is coming your way”, “drop by again soon” or “be the first to know”.

You can also ask questions on coming soon page to capture the interest of the visitors with phrases like, “are you ready for this?” or “do you have what it takes?” and much like these.

  • Give an Insight on What’s Coming

As said earlier that coming soon page is all about telling your visitors or customer what the website or an app is all about.

So, provide a short and catchy copy on your page, explaining and describing the product or service you are about to launch.

  • Introduce your Logo or Product Name

Introducing your logo and name can help with branding and familiarity.

However, you need to do it in such a manner that it stands out from the rest, for this you need to have a simple background or think creatively to place the logo. If you are offering a product to the consumers, you can place the name of the product here on coming soon page.

Advance branding sets your website or an app apart from the competitors and generally doesn’t cost much to implement or take much of your time.

Using the same colour scheme or font as your website can make you much more recognisable to potential visitors and when you finally launch your website or an app, it will have an air of familiarity.

  • Encourage Viewers to Sign-Up

Coming soon page is also about collecting email subscribers and capturing leads so you will need to provide an email subscription box to make follow-ups and invite them to check back your page when it’s done.

This also offers a good way to track and survey your webpage views.

  • Make an Infographic to Attract

Infographics are attractive visual forms of information display that are easy to read, interpret and remember.

The information you provide on the infographic should be interesting and surprisingly revealing, the usage of the right graphical elements can help grab the attention of the visitor’s and make them stay on your page.

  • Have an Effective Design and Layout

The design and layout play a main role in grabbing the attention of the visitors. If your coming soon page has design flaws like readability issues it will hurt your reputation and people will not return back.

Hiring web designers as well as web and mobile app developers is a good way to go. They have the experience and expertise and will help you have a great looking coming soon page.


However, for an effective design and layout here are 3 important points to keep in mind:

Colours – The colours on the coming soon page say a lot about you. Use bold colour if you are a music or band website and use subtle colours if you are into selling medical equipment or books.

Use the same colours in the coming soon page as for the entire website or an app. 

Call-to-action – This is a must-have but don’t overwhelm people by asking to do several things at once. Ask your visitors to drop their email address or the option to subscribe via a simple subscription form is a good way to go. Also, remember to keep the form in plain view.

Social media icons – Businesses these days must be social. People expect to find you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and other social media platforms.

So, have 2 to 3 social media icons on the coming soon page through which people can connect to you and advertise it by sharing the page.

  • Aim at Emotions

We all humans are emotional beings where the decisions we make more or less depends on our emotions. Few people will leave their email addresses on some miracle website which probably doesn’t exist.

If people do not have a strong motivation to trust you and wait for your website to launch then they will never subscribe.

So, you need to create curiosity and make people talk about you and if you succeed in this, it will be easier for you to capture leads.

  • Be Generous

People like freebies and different exclusive things. So, you need to have something to share with people. You can choose which goods or services to share in the exchange of email subscription such as an e-book, access to premium databases or a pack of freebies.

It would also be good to sit back and think what your potential customers and readers really need and provide them with exactly that. This will help build brand loyalty as well as gain more leads.

The above mentioned are few of the tips to help you create awesome looking coming soon pages.

The more interesting you create, the more people will share and introduce it to others and if you are looking to create one then One Stop Media can be of immense help.

This is a guest post by Sophia Fernandez.

Sophia Fernandez works as a content writer and digital marketing expert at One Stop Media, one of the leading and quickest growing digital and web solution provider. She writes about various aspects of digital marketing and web and app development such as search engine optimization, email marketing, digital trends, social media and a lot more. She has more than 5 years experience in the field.

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