About Us

Welcome to LoudProgrammer Blog –  A blog on software, business and personal productivity.

What’s Loud Programmer about?

Hey, I’m Geoffrey. I’m a software developer and blogger.

I have 7+ years’ experience building web services, APIs and web applications. My expertise is centered on PHP, JavaScript and Ruby. This is my story so far…

I started trying to figure out all this “web stuff” in mid-2008, and since then I’ve experienced my share of success and failures.

I was tired of beating the well-trodden path of doing something I didn’t really enjoy just to get along.

So I decided to focus my life efforts on doing what I believed was really great, and that was building stuff.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” – Eleanor Roosevelt

My journey has been full of ups and downs.

One major thing I have learnt is that software development is more about people than about computers as most often thought.

After meeting, exchanging ideas and learning a lot from influencers I decided I wanted to put this material in a central place where I could share it with my buddies who would greatly benefit from these past experiences nonetheless.

That saw the birth of the LoudProgrammer Blog.

What original started as a go-to blog for all manner of programming tutorials has since transformed into a more inclusive weblog covering all round topics that make a great software developer, including but not limited to:

  • Personal productivity hacks,
  • Business tips for young entrepreneurs,
  • Technology trends and of course
  • Tutorials.

Along the way I got the opportunity to work with different individuals and companies as well involve myself in a couple of other open source projects.

Gliver Framework. I founded the Gliver PHP framework. A light weight PHP MVC framework for rapid application development. With Gliver you don’t have to know SQL in order to use MySQL.

Some of the key problems that I seek to solve with Gliver are:

  • Easy and efficient database records management using ORM(Object Relational Mapping)
  • Generating front end views without having to learn PHP by using a simple and fast inbuilt template engine
  • Easily bring your favorite third party libraries into Gliver using composer package management
  • No more complex routing definitions as needed by other frameworks. There is a direct correlation between controllers and methods in the url
  • Generate clean URLS by chosing between the period(.) and forward slash(/) as URL component separators.

I have also build a couple of jQuery plugins.

jQuery AutoComplete – A plugin for pre-filling input forms and providing input suggestions based on the current form contents. Makes filling web forms an easy and fun experience for users.

With this plugin I was looking to:

  • Provide an interactive user interface while filling web forms
  • Make form filling easier for users by providing relevant suggestions as they type input into the input fields
  • Save users time by prefilling the input field with the most relevant suggestion in the suggestion list based on a simple relevancy algorithm I developed


jQuery DragNDrop Upload – A plugin for uploading files to the server without page reload. Enables previewing of image files before you send them to the server, saving you time and bandwidth.

What’s funny here

  • You won’t upload wrong images anymore. You can preview all images before you finally send them to the server.
  • No time wasted in page reloads. Send files to the sever while you browse other parts of your page
  • No more misuse of server space by users. Limit files sizes to be uploaded by specifying a value and users will have to stick to that.


My dream is to make LoudProgrammer blog a resourceful tool for both junior & experienced software developers and budding entrepreneurs alike.