8 Tips on Creating Coming Soon Pages and Its Importance


Whether you are creating a new website or an app or planning to redesign your web pages, your customers or visitors certainly wouldn’t like to be greeted to a landing page saying this domain has been sold.

This is annoying and directly hurts the reputation of your brand. The better way to address this problem is to greet your customers and visitors with a coming soon page that effortlessly communicates the what, why and when questions to the visitors.

Creating a professional looking website or an app takes time even if you have a team of expert web developers who promise to build a website in the shortest period.

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So, it certainly doesn’t hurt to keep your visitors well informed and updated on the development with a coming soon page.

Here are a few reasons why creating a coming soon page is important:

  • Coming soon page let people know about you in advance. When they will be familiar with your project they will easily lend their support to your efforts.

5 Reasons Why You Need Database Backup


It does not matter whether you own a multinational corporation or you run a BPO at your basement. Data is essential for the running of your business. Since it is that important for your source of income, it needs all the protection it can get.

There is so much that your data can be vulnerable to, that is, theft, manipulation, hardware failure and natural calamities such as fire: or even a hurricane! There is nothing that should be restricting you from taking such precaution. Developers have seen to it that affordable database backup tools such as ottomatik have been brought to the market to take care of such risks.

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The loss of business data could cost you more than you think. Once it is lost, you are in the danger of losing your clients, money and even the reputation of your business. Profound insight of why you need to back up your database will help you understand why you need to take drastic measures in regards to the safety of your data.