Best React JS Courses, Tutorials & Certifications of 2019

We’ve compiled the 12 best React JS courses and certifications available all over the internet. 

The best part?

We’re going to show you EXACTLY which courses offer the ​most effective way of learning React JS in 2019.

In short: if you want to improve your programming skill-set, advance your career, and increase your salary, you’ve come to the right place.

In the past 4 years React JS has grown by leaps and bounds.  Talented programmers in this area are in high demand.  You’d be hard pressed to find a better return on your training and certification investment.

We’ve searched for courses that contain in-depth information covering a broad range of sub- topics related to React JS.

These React JS courses are:​

  • highly focused
  • ​highly reviewed by students
  • ​have instructors with years of industry experience

Why Reactjs?

Javascript drives most modern web applications, as it is the only programming language that runs in the browser. Therefore it allows you to create apps that are highly reactive as there is no need to fetch data from servers. With Javascript you are able to create a mobile app equivalent experiences for your users.

However, using pure Javascript with Jquery can become a challenge, as developing apps this way can be overwhelming.

This is where React comes in.  React lets you create custom HTML elements ​allowing you to build powerful web apps.

Here’s a very simple breakdown of the process.

  • 1​Create a component
  • 2Add configurations to it
  • 3​Dynamically add data to it
  • 4Then re-use the componenent as needed

As an example, if you want to display a list of clients in your app, you can create a “Client” component and change data of clients as often as you want before outputting. Not only can this component be used for clients, but anywhere where it is needed to output a list.

ReactJS’s relevance today lies in the fact that it has become a leading force in the front-end web development world. It is one of the most used Javascript frameworks and is continuing to grow in usage.

Web development companies all over the world are building web apps with React JS as it has useful features and is very easy to adapt. React JS has in recent times become a highly sought-after skill to possess.

Top ReactJS Courses and Certification Reviews for 2019

1. The Complete React Developer Course (w/ Hooks and Redux)

react course on Udemy

​This course by Andrew Mead is considered a bestseller on Udemy. It has over 39,000 enrolments with an almost 5-star rating. It teaches you how to build as well as launch React applications. As the best way to master a programming environment is by learning while doing, Andrew shows you how to do that by taking you through building two apps with this React.js tutorial.

Andrew is a seasoned programming teacher with a Computer Science degree and over ten years of programming experience. Not only does he teach React, but he also has over 190,000 students enrolled in various of his other courses including Javascript and Node.js.

The amount of practice you pick up in this course serves as a great prepper. The QA section is very well handled, and Andrew is quick with responses.

Although the course primarily focuses on React JS and Redux, you get to learn a host of other things crucial to a web developer. You’ll learn how to configure webpack, how to integrate firebase and how to test, test, test. He shows you how to set up a dev environment and introduces you to tools that will make your life as a developer more efficient. Apart from that he also covers a great deal on data storage and authentication.

Who Can Benefit from This Course?

This course is perfect for anyone wishing to launch a React application, or if you wish to freelance as a React developer. However, it also includes enough information if you just wish to switch careers. Do you want to become a professional React developer? Then this course is right for you.

Bear in mind that in order to understand React, you must have a fair bit of knowledge in Javascript as you will deal with things like functions, objects, arrays and callback functions. Make sure to check out Andrew’s Javascript Bootcamp course if you want to start there.


– Learn how to build, test and launch real-world React applications

– Use Redux, Webpack and React-Router while building your React applications

– Tons of practice exercises to get you ready for your real React developer job

– Material is continually updated as React changes fast

– A seasoned programming teacher with a track record to prove it

2. React – The Complete Guide (incl Hooks, React Router, Redux)

Maximilian Schwarzmuller’s course is another bestseller on Udemy. With over 125,000 students enrolled and over 39,000 ratings, it is one of the few courses that is extremely in-depth in content deliverance, with over 502 lectures.   

Maximilain enjoys high favour amongst the Udemy crowd and elicits statements such as “Max is highly skilled into teaching concepts in depth and this was more than an introductory course! …”

Maximilian is a self-taught programmer who started dabbling into the world of programming at the ripe age of 13. Though he is an expert when it comes to front-end development and is well-versed in frameworks such as React, Angular and VueJS 2, he initially started out as a backend developer, and is considered to be a full-stack web developer.

In this course you will learn how to build reactive web apps and dive deep into how to use React. You will learn theory which you will use to solve given assignments. There are demo projects to practice on and hone your skills with. The skills you acquire are then used to build an application called: The Burger Builder.

Maximilian starts at the very basic to explain what React is. He also explains how to use it, and so that you don’t waste your precious time, he also explains exactly what type of apps it can be used for.  A specialty with this course is that the instructor takes you step by step from the basics straight to the advanced material using over 500 lectures to do so. Another plus point is that Maximilian touches on popular libraries like React-Router and Redux.

Who Can Benefit from This Course?

This course is perfect for you if you’ve just started with Javascript and know its bare basics, but have no prior React knowledge, or any knowledge of other frameworks for that matter. You can also dive straight into this course if you are experienced in Angular or Vue and would like to switch to React.

Bear in mind that you should know HTML, CSS and Javascript. To make things even easier for you, there’s a short prep-refresher course on next-gen features, although knowing these features beforehand will tremendously help you move quicker through the course.


-You will learn React basics (which includes base features, the syntax and the concepts involved)

-Over 502 lectures to cover from basics to advanced material

-He takes you through Redux- from the basics to advanced

-The course is up to date and includes React Hooks

-A successful and great teacher who is able to explain complex concepts in a simple and friendly way

-This course is also suitable for you as an intermediate and advanced level developer

3. Full-Stack Web Development with React Specialization

This specialization in Coursera is offered by the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, considered to be one of the best universities in Asia. It is divided into 4 courses covering two front-end frameworks, Bootstrap 4 and React, as well as React Native for hybrid mobile applications and MongoDB to implement NoSQL databases. The course also includes learning to work in the Node.js environment and tackling the Express framework.

Bootstrap 4: The first course is a broad coverage of Bootstrap 4, a front-web UI framework. You will cover grids, responsive design, Bootstrap CSS as well as Less and Sass, which are CSS pre-processors. It also covers the basics of Node.js, NPM, together with Grunt and Gulp. When done with the Bootstrap 4 course, you will be able to

  1. design and style webpages
  2. create responsive web pages
  3. be able to use tools to set up and manage web sites

Apart from this you will also be able to develop a portfolio project developing a website with Bootstrap 4.

Prerequisites for this course are HTML, CSS and Javascript.

React: In this course you will learn how to develop React applications coupled with an introduction to Reactstrap for Bootstrap 4. React is covered extensively with an introduction to various aspects of React components. A few of the React related topics covered are React router, the Flux architecture and Redux, Fetch for client-server communication as well as implementing the REST API. Also included is React animation. It is required to first go through the Bootstrap 4 course before commencing with this course.

When done with this course you will be able to:

  1. use client-side Javascript development with React
  2. implement single page applications with React
  3. implement a fully functional front-end web app with React

React Native: With this course you will learn to develop iOS and Android apps with React Native and Expo SDK.

This is what is covered:

  1. Developing UI with React Native
  2. Layout support and how to access the mobile platform from Javascript

When done you will be able to:

  1. Build mobile apps for multiple platforms
  2. Build truly cross-platform apps
  3. Design architecture for a React-Redux app

Nodejs, Express and MongoDB:  Here the course deals with server-side implementations, with a main emphasis on Node.js and a brief overview of HTTP and HTTPS. At the end of the course you would be able to:

  1. Understand CRUD and REST
  2. Build a backend server with NodeJS
  3. Build a Restful API for backend accessing

Who Can Benefit from This Course

This course is ideal for you if you would like to become a full-stack web developer with an interest in developing mobile apps for the iOS and Android platforms. Not only is this course ideal for those disciplines but any other field where your knowledge of Node.js, React MongoDB databases and Bootstrap 4 is beneficial.

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4. React(ReactJS) Online Courses by PluralSight

Pluralsight is an online skills platform that focuses on technology related courses. The React course on Pluralsight is comprehensive and takes you from a beginner to the advanced level. The courses are offered in the form of tutorials from different instructors, each one contributing to the ultimate completing of a full-fledged React course.

The Beginner Courses: The courses in the beginner section teach basic React fundamentals. Starting out with an overview of React, they explain why React has become so popular and what its pros and cons are. The course then dives into the fundamentals, discussing components, JSX, events and forms. It ends with a video on React Hooks, culminating into a Quiz component.

The Intermediate Courses: These next 5 courses will teach you some of the more complex modules within React. It covers working with Flux and Redux. Many of the videos in this section are longer than 3hours, with some as long as 6hours.

The Advanced Courses: The three last courses are approximately 10hours in length. They cover material of an advanced nature like context API, external state, HOC testing and building React apps with Jest, as well as performance optimization.

Although the course is intended for a beginner with no experience of React it does require that you know and understand Javascript.

Who Can Benefit from This Course

This course would be ideal if you are interested in becoming a full-fledged React developer, as it covers many of the beginner to complex material you need to know React wise. The courses are very in-depth, some spanning over a 6-hour period.


– You will lay a thorough foundation in starting out with React

– Most of the modules pertaining to React are covered making it unnecessary to do any other course before becoming employable

5. Modern React with Redux [2019 Update]

Yet another bestselling course on Udemy, this course by Stephen Grider has over 148,000 students. It has the highest number of enrolled students with the highest rating of over 45,000. Stephen teaches how to build single page apps with Redux and ReactJS.

The course uses videos with custom diagrams in order to help you better understand how React and Redux works. Stephen uses many practical examples to teach the fundamentals of building apps using React. To lay a solid foundation, the material is added incrementally to ensure better understanding.

You will learn how to understand the basics of React and JSX, and how to build components. You will as well learn to study source code in Redux, in order to understand how it is structured and test your knowledge gained, through many practice exercises.

Stephen also makes sure to add extra information pertaining to React and Redux, like the ES2015 syntax. The course is very thorough with over 486 lectures over a period of 47hours.

Although Stephen places emphasis on engineers it does not mean that those who aren’t will not be able to dive in. Many who have taken the course have mentioned that this was the best course for learning React and Redux for them.

Stephen is an Engineering Architect who has helped build intricate Javascript front ends for many high-end companies in the San Francisco Bay area. He possesses the ability to simplify that which appears to be very difficult to understand, hence the high enrolment figure for his classes.  

Who Can Benefit From This Course?

This is ideal for if you’re a programmer who would like to learn ReactJS, or a developer who would like to grow past just knowing and using JQuery. Also ideal for you if you’re an engineer who has researched aspects of React but had difficulty understanding or successfully implementing them.


– Learn to build applications with React and Redux

– You will learn behind the scene concepts to structure Redux apps

– Get trained in becoming fluent in toolchains that support React

6. Advanced React and Redux: 2018 Edition

In this course by Stephen Grider you will learn how to build an API with authentication, using Passport, Mongo and Express. You’ll learn more about the HOC (higher order component) and how to utilize it to use less code in your apps. Also included in the course is how to set up a test environment using Jest and Enzyme.

Have you ever wanted to know what the difference is between token-based and cookie-based authentication? Then in this course you will receive detailed explanations. Find out about behind the scenes issues in Redux while building React components.

The course is comprised of over 236 lectures, with a duration of almost 21hours of video content. The popularity of this course is evident in the high number of ratings it has received (4.7 out of 5) and the high number of enrolled students: 54,000.

Stephen is an Engineering architect with a vast amount of knowledge on the React subject. He has taken it upon himself to teach fellow engineers to become software developers as he has the ability to easily simplify that which appears intricate. As a businessman he has helped numerous corporations in the San Francisco Bay area by building complex Javascript programs for them.

The concepts are laid out in an eloquent way, with the explanations covering not only the how but also the why. One of the highlights of this course is that you will learn to master Javascript authentication by writing code for a server with enterprise-grade authentication.  

Who Can Benefit From This Course

Do you have a good or intermediate understanding of React? Do you have knowledge of reducers, action creators and actions? Have you worked in Redux before? Then this is the course you need, to take your React and Redux skills further.


-You will learn how to test React and Redux code

– You will rewrite a Redux middleware from the ground up

– Gain in-depth knowledge of the Higher Order Components (HOC)

7. Learning React.js

(Click for course details)

Eve Porcello is a well-known software engineer and instructor on Linkedin. She is an expert in ecommerce and in the development of mobile apps. She delivers engineering classes to students worldwide and is quite adept at UX/UI designing and prototyping.

This course on Linkedin is categorized as a beginner course covering various aspects of React. Topics covered are, what is Reactjs and how to create components. There is a section on the introduction to JSX as well as using state, handling events and updating components.

Apart from those she also dives into adding child elements, loading data from APIs and creating a React app. The course is comprised of videos with a total duration length of 1h and 24min. Inside the course you will tackle a project and complete 6 quizzes.

Since Javascript is a library that makes building user interfaces simpler and more spontaneous, Eve will teach you how to design simple and basic views in your app, with React updating and rendering just the right parts as your data changes.

Eve will take you through the design of a sample full-stack bulletin board app. Apart from teaching the basic fundamentals she also describes the lifecycle of components and how you can trigger various life events of a component.

Who Can Benefit From This Course

This course is for you if you’re a beginner React developer. As many other React courses dictate, the only prerequisites are that you should know Javascript. Therefore it can be an ideal course for both students as well as web developers.


– The content is well designed, and the instructor adequately covers each topic

– Lessons can be viewed offline as well as online, making it easy to study in remote areas away from wifi

8. React Nanodegree

(Click for course details)

First of all, this course by Udacity is unlike other self-paced courses you might have encountered before. It is conducted over a 4-month period with course registration and deadline dates.

Udacity puts great emphasis on coming to the course prepared. This preparation includes having prior knowledge of HTML, CSS and Javascript. Apart from that it is advised that you should have prior development experience using Git, Github, NPM and the command line interface.

The React Nanodegree program is divided into 3 courses each with its own project. This makes for lots of opportunity to practice. Another good thing is that you can use these projects as portfolio pieces, showing off your mastery of React to future employers.

The course is conducted in video format which spans over a period of 160hours. It is envisaged that if you spend approximately 10 hours per week on the program, you would take 16 weeks to complete all course work.

Course 1: React Fundamentals: This course dives into the fundamentals of React. Although React is powerful to build applications it is by no means easy to master. Topics covered here are Why React?, Rendering UI with React, State Management, Render UI with External Data and Managing App Location with React Router.

Course 2: React & Redux: In this course you’ll learn how Redux and React work together in order to make the state of your application bulletproof. This course is comprised of Managing State, UI & Redux, Redux Middleware, Redux with React, Asynchronous React, React-Redux and Real World Redux   

Course 3: React Native: This course focuses on teaching how to develop React applications that run on iOS and Android hardware. You’ll learn how to properly set up a development environment, how to build a cross-platform application by including APIs such as the geolocation.

You’ll as well learn how to get your app ready for Google Play and the App store. Topics covered here include Up and Running with React Native, React vs React Native, Styling and Layout, Navigation and Native Features.

Who Can Benefit From This Course

This course is perfect for you if you want to become a professional React developer. It goes deep into explaining all the parts that would help in carving your career as a full-stack React developer.


– You’ll start building apps right away, getting into the game with React in order to master the skills

– Content taught by a Google Developer Expert

– With Udacity’s connections and training you’re standing a chance to gain employment after finishing the course

9. The Complete React Native and Redux Course

This React course by Stephen Grider has a strong emphasis on developing Android and iOS apps for mobile devices. Stephen teaches all the basic and fundamental concepts of React with an emphasis on prototyping and deploying your apps to Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. He also shows you how to discover patterns for your mobile app used by other designers and engineers.

The course content spans over a period of 16h and 40 min and includes over 160 lectures. All you need to start is a basic understanding of Javascript. With over 90,000 students enrolled and with a 24,500 rating of 4.5, this course is considered a bestseller by Udemy. Here is what Stephen covers in this course.

How to master the basics of React, JSX, state, props and event handling. Stephen makes sure to break down intricate components of the training so that you can understand it better. With React Native you will be able to swiftly see your designed app on your screen.

You will learn how to use JSX to create cleaner code, how to break up complex tasks into smaller more manageable pieces, know when to use state and props, learn how to integrate your apps with Firebase authentication and how to navigate with React Native.

Stephen goes straight to the point and doesn’t waste time on endless useless talk. Although the course is a bit outdated, it still covers a substantial amount of information crucial to the beginner React student. The course is considered by many the content they wish they had when they started out with React.

Who Can Benefit From This Course

This course is ideal for you if you’ve always wanted to learn how to create mobile apps with React Native.


– You will build on Android and iOS platforms

– You will be building a very fast mobile app 

10. React Native The Practical Guide

Maximilian Schwarzmüller has developed a React course which focuses on using React Native. It takes your knowledge of React and your experience as a web developer, to develop iOS and Android apps. As is customary with Maximilian’s courses, the attendance rate is high, with over 39,000 students enrolled. It has over 6,000 ratings, a rating score of 4.6, and is considered a bestseller course by Udemy.

Here’s what you can expect from this course. You will build mobile apps with Javascript and React. You will learn to do so without having to know Swift or Objective C, while gaining a deeper insight into React Native. The course covers about 208 lectures with content spanning over a 16-hour timespan.

All that is required is that you must have prior React knowledge, although it is not necessary to be an expert in it. Javascript knowledge is definitely a must-have, with next-gen knowledge recommended. However, you don’t need to have any mobile app development experience.

Emphasis is placed on understanding React Native, since it is Native that spearheads the quick developing of mobile apps without having to have knowledge of Swift or Objective C. You will learn how to build responsive designs, animating React Native apps, using maps and the camera, and many other necessary components.

You will build an actual app called Awesome Places. This app allows users to share pictures and the location where they took them from.

Who Can Benefit From This Course

Anyone who is interested in creating mobile apps without having to learn Swift, Objective C or Java for that matter. If you want to learn to create high-performance apps in Javascript then this is for you.


– You will learn how to build mobile apps fast

– No need to have prior knowledge of Swift and Objective C

– You will build a real mobile app through this course 

11. React Native Advanced

Yet another successful course by Stephen Grider. This course will teach you to create captivating applications using the advanced features of React Native. You will learn how to build apps with Expo as well as create smooth performant animations.

Use Google Cloud functions to add logic to your Firebase and use Redux Persist to manage offline users. Stephen goes into teaching how to understand the Navigation option for React Native and how to use Push Notifications on your cross-platforms.

The course is comprised of 151 lectures spanning over a time period of 16 hours and 34 minutes. Only prerequisite aside from Javascript is that you should have the basics of React Native under your belt. So therefore, this course concentrates on the advanced features you need to know in order to create a great app.

You will build three apps, with each one being more complex than the previous. As you progress with each app you will tackle a different important feature of React Native.

Let’s look at the 3 apps you will build:

The first app is called Swipe Deck. It is similar to the classic animated one we know, where you can drag the deck of cards across the screen and swipe right for liking or swipe left for disliking. With the making of this app you will learn how to interpret touch input with the PanResponder.

The second app is called One Time Password authenticator. This is an app teaching you how to use a user’s phone number as their identification system. To do this you would make use of an API to send a message to the user for verification of identity.

The third app is a Job-Search app. You’ll build a welcome screen for the user of the app as well as a host of other features to make your app stand out from the crowd.     

The course is considered very good by many students, with way more content than one would expect and clear explanations on what you should do every step of the way.

Who Can Benefit From This Course

This is for you if you’ve always wanted to take React to the next level. If you’ve learned all you could in the basic section and want to become more of an expert in regard to React Native.

Highlights of the course

– You will learn how to implement intricate Animations

– You will learn how to bootstrap your apps with Expo

– You will also learn about Facebook OAuth authentication

12. Server Side Rendering With React And Redux 

This course by Stephen Grider teaches you how to build React apps using SSR (server-side rendering), with isomorphic and universal Javascript methods. In the course you will tackle the challenges you’ll likely to encounter with server-side scripting and how to use Redux and React routers to step up when it comes to SEO (search engine optimization).

Other topics covered are how to build server architectures, a server-side rendering boilerplate and how to load data on the server. The course is delivered through 94 lectures spanning over 8 hours of video content. It also enjoys over 2000 ratings with a rating score of 4.7 and a student enrolment of close to 14,000.

Specific emphasis is placed on combining React, Redux, and React Router with Express in order to build SSR applications. As is customary with Stephen’s courses, the material is very hands-on and as such you will create a project you can use as a portfolio piece.  

The course is considered to be one of a few, if not the only course online that delves into the complex process of server-side rendering. It is considered by many to be the most complete resource in this regard. Once you’ve completed the course you will not just know what to do, but you will have a deeper understanding of how it works and why it works the way it does.

Who Can Benefit From This Course

This course is ideal for engineers who want to build apps using server-side rendering, as well as wanting to understand isomorphic Javascript and the difficulties associated with it.


– You will learn to connect a front and back end powered by Webpack

– Be able to improve Google OAuth authentication in your app

– Be able to route requests from the front (React Router) to the back (Express)


This is our comprehensive list of 12 of the best React, Redux, React Native courses that the internet has to offer. This list is by no means exhaustive as there are a ton of other courses covering this topic as well.

It is beneficial to dive in and learn ReactJS now as the marketplace is teeming with hundreds, if not thousands of posts for ReactJS developers. The salary alone should be enough to spur you on to become a ReactJS web developer; however, the amount of features this framework possesses and the endless possibilities of projects you can tackle makes it worthwhile to add as a skill. 

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