This book is an eye-opener to the world of developers - with tips on where to learn to code, how to break-in & meet other developers, and how to find clients/work.
Kumarjit Saha
Kumarjit Saha
Web Designer, Kolkata
I found a useful list of resources, tips for interviewing as well as great nuggets of wisdom from this book. A worthwhile read for all developers.
Marlena Quartuccia
Marlena Quartuccia
Web Developer, New York.
I’m very impressed with the clear presentation of the material in this book. Great tips for competing for entry level and intermediate software developer positions.
Tony DUrso
Tony DUrso
Founder, Revenue Chat Radio

What you will learn with this eBook

  • How to Learn to Code

    First, I'll show you the exact materials I used to learn to code when I was getting started. Then I'll teach you the best, cheap and most effective ways to learn to code in under 6 weeks

  • How to Network & Make Connections

    You will learn how to make connections with other professional developers without being pushy. You'll also learn how to use your connections to land your dream job.

  • How to Build a Strong Portfolio

    Without a strong portfolio you're only hopping your job search will be successful! You'll learn how to build a strong portfolio of software projects even if your are a complete beginner.

  • How to Get Reccomendations

    A recommendation from your past client can mean getting or not getting the job offer. You will learn how and when to get your clients to write you the best job recommendations.

  • Where & How to Apply For Jobs

    It is hard to get noticed if you just fire applications through the internet after jobs ads. You will learn a better way to apply for jobs that will make you stand out from the crowd.

  • How to Kill The Technical Interview

    You imagine that time when you'd rather curl and die than face the technical interview panel? You'll learn my #6 killer interview tips that will get your hired right in the boardroom.


A word from the Author

Hey, I am Geoffrey Barnes. I am a web developer, author, blogger and entrepreneur. I have been actively programming for the last 7 years

When you're just getting started as a junior developer, it seems like it's impossible to break into the market.

Everybody wants to hire somebody with experience.

How do you get that experience if nobody will hire a developer with no experience?

In this book you will learn how to go from a complete beginner to landing your dream software developer job in 7 simple steps.


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