How to Become a $50/Hour Software Developer – 01Learn to Code

This is the audio verson of Step 1 – Learn to Code

In this chapter you will learn, among other things,

  • Why you need to learn to code
  • The various methods of learning to code
  • The methods I used to learn to code
  • The most effective learning methods

Learning tips

  • Focus on learning only what you need to get your current task done
  • Stick to one learning resource till you have a proper grasp of the basics
  • Focus on project based learning approach as opposed to general learning
  • Have a study plan for your whole study period.
  • If you are getting into web development, start with the basics in HTML, CSS and JavaScript before you move to server technologies like PHP, Python, C#, Java and Ruby.
  • Find a mentor, a coach or a codding buddy who you have direct access to, to assist you when you are stuck.

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