Best Selling Udemy Courses on Database Design and Development

PrintThe main role of a Database Developer is to take responsibility for new and existing databases, testing and developing them from their initial planning stages, gathering data, and ensuring they continue to function effectively.

Although database software of choice vary from industry to industry, SQL expertise has become a must-have skill for many programming positions, as the language is used to access most database systems…

…and a recent software skills survey reveals that SQL is the most wanted database design skill by employers.

This high demand is partly due to the fact that SQL skills are needed for most jobs including: web design, project management, business analysis, computer programming, business management, data analysis and quality assurance.

To become a Database Developer it is essential to have some knowledge of industry specific software, such as Oracle.

In fact gaining a nationally recognized qualification can be crucial to finding the right position – with good examples being Microsoft SQL and SQL Server.

Getting your database developer career started by taking one of the best selling database design courses on Udemy is therefore a great step in taking your database programming career to the next level.

Database design and developer courses on Udemy offer you an opportunity to learn and master these skills by learning from an extensive library of 1000’s of courses taught by expert best selling Udemy instructors.

With affordable prices and classes on virtually every as aspect of databases including Microsoft SQL, MySQL, Oracle, Hadoop, MongoDB among others, the Udemy platform is a great place to pick up a new database skill from the comfort of your couch.

Here is a list of the best selling Databasae Design Courses on Udemy.

1. The Complete MySQL Developer Course by Rob Percival & Mashrur Hossain

The Complete MySQL Developer Course - Udemy

Database development with MySQL is one of the most fundamental skills that a technology professional needs to thrive in today’s workplace.

This course gives you that skill.

You’ll start with the absolute basics of installing and creating databases and work your way through building web applications with MySQL as the database.

By the end of this course you’ll be able to apply what you have learnt and do virtually anything you want with databases.

2. Complete Elasticsearch Masterclass with Logstash and Kibana by Imtiaz Ahmad

Complete Elasticsearch Masterclass with Logstash and Kibana

Elasticsearch is the biggest player in the big-data space since Hadoop. I would actually vouch that it’s the Hadoop killer!

I’m sure that by just adding Elasticsearch on your linkedin profile your going to gain the attention of various companies investing in this technology.

This course is most suited for people that want to not only power-up their resume with this new and exciting technology but also powerup their applications to be blazing fast by implementing Elasticsearch correctly.

3. Mastering SQL Server 2016 Integration Services (SSIS) by Kameswara Uppuluri

Mastering SQL Server 2016 Integration Services (SSIS)

SSIS is one of the most powerful applications for moving data in and out of various databases and files.

This course provides developers with a thorough knowledge in developing SSIS Packages with SQL Server 2016.

In this course by development expert Kameswara Sarma Uppuluri, you’ll learn essential concepts that you need to know to build SSIS Packages from scratch.

This course provides step-by-step walk-throughs and demos that you’re encouraged to practice along with to enhance the learning process.

4. SQL, SSAS & Data Mining Query Languages – T-SQL MDX DAX DMX by Siddharth Mehta

SQL, SSAS & Data Mining Query Languages - T-SQL MDX DAX DMX

SQL Server and SSAS Query Languages – T-SQL, MDX, DAX and DMX is a  course in which a student having no experience in database query development would be trained step by step to a level where the student is confident to independently work in a high-performing database development project.

Course includes job-oriented practical hands-on queries with explanation and analysis, and theoretical coverage of key concepts.

This is a fast track course to learn practical query development on 4 query languages using the latest version of SQL Server – 2016. No prior experience of working with any query language is required.

5. Apache Kafka Series – Learn Apache Kafka for Beginners by Stephane Maarek

Apache Kafka Series - Learn Apache Kafka for BeginnersApache Kafka has become the leading data streaming enterprise technology. 

Kafka is used in production by over 2000 companies like Netflix, Airbnb, Uber and LinkedIn. To learn Kafka easily, step-by-step, you have come to the right place!

Stephane Maarek is the instructor of this course.

He is a Kafka Expert, and the author of the highly-rated Apache Kafka Series on Udemy, having taught already to 5000+ students and received 1000+ reviews.

6. The Complete Oracle SQL Certification Course by Imtiaz Ahmad

The Complete Oracle SQL Certification Course - UdemyGet ready to acquire some seriously marketable programming skills!

You can’t consider yourself a complete end to end developer until you can code in SQL.

Today, data has become the hottest topic in technology and a company’s biggest asset is their data.

Salaries for junior level SQL Developers are upwards of $70,000 – $90,000 dollars a year!

The great thing is, for this course, you do not need any prior experience in programming what so ever. Oracle is the most popular relational database in the world! This course will prepare you to be job-ready in just 1 month of study and practice.

7. The Ultimate MySQL Bootcamp: Go from SQL Beginner to Expert by Colt Steele

The Ultimate MySQL Bootcamp - Go from SQL Beginner to Expert

If you want to learn how to gain insights from data but are too intimidated by databases to know where to start, then this course is for you.

This course is a gentle but comprehensive introduction to MySQL, one of the most highly in-demand skills in the business sector today.

The Ultimate MySQL Bootcamp introduces you to a solid foundation in databases in a way that’s both informative and engaging.

8. Learn by Example : HBase – The Hadoop Database by Loony Corn

Learn by Example - HBase - The Hadoop Database - Udemy

This best selling course is taught by a team which includes 2 Stanford-educated, ex-Googlers  and 2 ex-Flipkart Lead Analysts.

This team has decades of practical experience in working with large-scale data processing jobs.

Do you feel like your relational database is not giving you the flexibility you need anymore?

Column oriented storage, no fixed schema and low latency make HBase a great choice for the dynamically changing needs of your applications.

9. Master MongoDB, the NOSQL leader with Clarity and Confidence by Gandhi Kumarasamy Sezhian

Master MongoDB, the NOSQL leader with Clarity and Confidence

MongoDB is undeniably creating a huge impact among enterprises, challenging Oracle and other established vendors.


With a huge list of well known customers, its being used by top technological companies such as SAP, Expedia,EBAY, Craigslist, BOSCH,Amadeus, AOL, SAGE,CISCO, EA and many others in completely different Verticals.

This course will provide you with greater information and confidence to explore mongoDB , without loosing interest and  its easiness.

10. Oracle Database 12c SQL Certified Associate 1Z0-071 by Khaled Alkhudari

Oracle Database 12c SQL Certified Associate 1Z0-071

This is one of the most amazing Udemy courses in Oracle SQL.

The course covers the oracle university track 100% for : “Oracle Database 12c SQL Certified Associate 1Z0-071”

The course starts from zero level to Expert Level, I guarantee for you that you will understand every single lesson in this course because it was created in a very attractive way, you will not feel bored in any lesson in this course.

11. Learning Path: Modern DevOps by Packt Publishing

Learning Path - Modern DevOps - Udemy

Ready to get more efficient and effective in overcoming day-to-day IT infrastructure challenges?

Let’s take advantage of the DevOps revolution!

Packt’s Video Learning Paths are a series of individual video products put together in a logical and stepwise manner such that each video builds on the skills learned in the video before it.

This Learning Path covers a deep dive into DevOps with the Mastering DevOps section including how to leverage Puppet to ease configuration management in our IT infrastructure.

12. SQL Server Analysis Services – SSAS, Data Mining & Analytics by Siddharth Mehta

SQL Server Analysis Services - SSAS, Data Mining & Analytics

SQL Server Analysis Services, Data Mining and Analytics is a  course in which a student having no experience in data science and analytics would be trained step by step from basics to advanced data science topics like data mining.

The intention of this course is to empower you with the knowledge of OLAP, Analytics and Data Mining, which can potentially yield salaries of $85 – $150k based only on your experience of SSAS, MDX, DAX and Data Mining.

13. Become an SQL Developer – Learn (SSRS, SSIS, SSAS,T-SQL,DW) by Bluelime Learning Solutions

Become an SQL Developer - Learn (SSRS, SSIS, SSAS,T-SQL,DW)

SQL developers are expected to have a variety of skills that will enable them perform tasks such as: design, implementation and maintenance of structured query language (SQL) databases.

They may work as database or web developers, depending on the specific position.

As an SQL developer, you should have strong analytical, communication, and problem-solving skills.

This course is Hands-on and by the end of the course you will have experience working with relational database management systems like Microsoft SQL Server .

14. Advanced SQL : SQL Expert Certification Preparation Course by Omer Dagasan & Omer Faruk Ince

Advanced SQL - SQL Expert Certification Preparation Course

Advance Your SQL Knowledge and Get Better Income From Your Job, like $100k.

Get Oracle’s SQL Expert Certification.

Oracle has two Certification Exams for SQL. The first one (SQL Fundamentals) covers the basic subjects (All of these subjects are covered in my first course.)

The second one (SQL Expert) covers more advanced subjects including the basic ones.

All the subjects are explained in detail, and exampled as many as I can do with Oracle’s HR schema. You can check the subjects from Oracle’s related pages.

15. Become a Hadoop Developer | Tutorial by Nitesh Jain

Hadoop Training and Certification Course Udemy

You may start with no knowledge in Hadoop and this training will help you setup hadoop and learn hadoop and mapReduce programming to a level you can get ready to face certification exam from Cloudera: Cloudera Certified Hadoop Developer (CCD-410.)

This course would take down all the initial struggle that you might need to do to learn a complex technology and you’ll be able to learn easily through video and through interacting with the instructor.

This could open your doors to the most in demand IT jobs in the current times.

16. The Agile Samurai Bootcamp by Jonathan Rasmusson

The Agile Samurai Bootcamp - Udemy

Enter the world of the Agile Samurai, where the most dire of software projects are dispatched with ease and grace.

By learning the ways of the Agile Samurai you will discover among other things:

  • What Agile is, how it works, and the mindset necessary for working iteratively
  • Common myths and pitfalls and how to choose the right Agile method for you
  • How to build a good Agile team e.t.c.

By the end of this course you’ll have everything you need to successfully set up, execute, and deliver your own Agile project.

17. SQL Tutorial: Learn SQL with MySQL Database -Beginner2Expert by Pradnyankur Nikam

SQL Tutorial - Learn SQL with MySQL Database -Beginner2Expert

In this course we’ll learn SQL with practical examples on every topic.

You’ill learn among other things,

  • Database Installation and SQL fundamentals.
  • Database Relationships and Database Normalization.
  • MySQL workbench.

Learning the Structured Query Language gives you a powerful tool which can be implemented in variety of application development including web, desktop and mobile application development.

SQL skill also opens a new dimension in the jobs where you can work as a database administrator in IT companies or you can work as a freelancer.

18. Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Certification Training Exam 70-461 by Infinite Skills

SQL Server Tutorial for Beginners - SQL Server Training - Udemy

This Microsoft SQL Server 70-461 Exam training course by Infinite Skills teaches you everything you need to know to pass the Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2012 exam.

It is required that you pass the 70-461 Exam in order to earn your MCSA: SQL Server certification from Microsoft.

The course takes you through each of the topics that you will need to master in order to pass the SQL Server 2012 70-461 exam.

Throughout this video tutorial, you will also learn how to setup the interface, create and alter tables using T-SQL, and understand SQL queries.

19. Master Big Data and Hadoop Step-By-Step From Scratch by IT Skills In Demand

Master Big Data and Hadoop Step-By-Step From ScratchIn this course, you will learn all the concepts and terminologies related to Big Data and Hadoop, such as the NameNode, Secondary NameNode, DataNode, JobTracker and TaskTracker, along with other concepts related to it such as what is meant by Rack Awareness and NameNode Federation in a simplified way.

It also explains how the data is managed by the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) and explains the process of reading and writing data onto the Hadoop Distributed File System.

Upon completion of this course, you would have a clear idea about, all the concepts related to the Hadoop, that should be sufficient to help you start off with Administering the Hadoop Cluster as well as Developing MapReduce Applications for Hadoop Cluster.

Good luck learning database development and becoming the next Big Data expert in town.

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