Top 100 Best Technology Blogs For Developers To Follow in 2019

If you are a seasoned software developer, then like me, you must have realized the need to keep yourself up to date with the latest technology  trends, best practices, training resources, and productivity tools in this dynamic environment.

In so doing, you get to accomplish tasks more efficiently and beat your deadlines.

Learning new technologies will keep you on your toes and broaden your knowledge in software development which in turn helps you find different ways of approaching and providing software solutions to business needs. Thanks to some of the best blogs on technology out there.

In this list today, I have put together the top 100 technology blogs in 2018 I follow.

These are technology blogs that I read, that inspire me and that I think make a great recommendation for every developer to follow in order to stay well informed.

1. COLOURLovers

COLOURLovers best blogs

COLOURlovers is a platform where people from around the world come together to create and share color palettes and patterns.

They also discuss the latest web design trends and explore articles which give more information on how to blend different colors together and come up with great designs when building web applications. Twitter @colourlovers 1.78M followers

2. Smashing Magazine


It is a magazine that delivers latest tech news that are useful, reliable and most importantly practical articles to designers and developers. I like this website because they write about actual problems that occur in your day to day working and solutions that can help you solve them.

They have a new article up everyday with all that has happened in the developing world making it easier for you to catch up with everything new. Twitter @smashingmag 1.03M followers.

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3. CEOWORLD Magazine


The magazine is the world’s leading technology and business magazine written for CEOs and forward-thinking high-level executives at companies around the world.

They publish analysis, news and interviews with CEOs and venture capitalists from across the globe to identify their most critical challenges.

Twitter @ceoworld 965K followers.

4. Developer Couchbase


Couchbase’s number one priority is to be the platform that revolutionizes digital innovation.

They created the world’s first Engagement Database to help deliver more personalized customer and employee experiences.

Their blog is well updated with the latest technology about three articles a day talking of how technology in its many forms is used. Twitter @couchbase 161K followers



Skyje is a design blog for Web Designers and Web Developers featuring social networking news and everything web.

They are focused more on wordpress and deliver stylish and dynamic news for their readers. Any information you need on the above topics and other tech updates. Twitter @skyjefans 150K followers.



A list apart is a website that explores the design, development, and meaning of web content. They have a special focus on web standards and best practices.

They update their articles on everything web development and you can be sure not to miss what you looking for there.

Twitter @alistapart 149K followers.


The site is run by Peter Krumins who is a jack of many trades in the world of web development. He gives more information on different tools and how to work with them in different areas.

The website is updated oftenly with new ideas to help and guide you. Twitter @pkrumins 123K followers.



Lilach is a well connected and highly influential entrepreneur who gives advice to clients and helps them build their business online and reach their full potential.

She writes on how to’s, guides, tools and ways in which to utilise social media in order to grow your online business. The website is very informative with real life skills to help you. Twitter @lilachbullock 106K followers.


The site features in-depth analysis and opinion from thought leaders and researchers as well as insights from social entrepreneurs in technology and other expert areas.

They want to stimulate discussion, raise awareness and provide a platform for sharing ideas that improve the lives of the poor and reshape entire economies.

It is a platform that can keep you updated with their various articles and learn how technology can be integrated into many other sectors. Twitter @NextBillion 103K followers



The website is run by Jacob Cass who specializes in logo design, branding, web design and offer design services to businesses of all sizes around the world.

He has worked with clients like Disney, Nintendo and hundreds more which is needless to say, he is good at his work. He covers on different topics to do with design and freelancing. Twitter @justcreative 83.4K followers.


11. MuleSoft// Blog

MuleSoft top blogs

Founder Ross Mason created a short string of text that pioneered a simple, powerful idea. No more coming up with custom code over and over again when you have a new project. Putting together the right components gets the work done.

Today, over 175,000 developers and leading companies in almost every industry depend on their game-changing platform. They have new posts almost everyday for their readers. Twitter @MuleSoft 83.4K followers


TorrentFreak is a publication dedicated to bringing the latest technology news about copyright, privacy, and everything related to filesharing.

  1. They update the readers with everything technology and privacy issues on different platforms. It is a website worth following and keeping yourself up to date.

Twitter @torrentfreak 74K followers.


MuleSoft top blogs is one of the world’s largest online communities and leading publisher of knowledge resources for software developers.

Hundreds of thousands of developers visit the site to learn about the latest technology trends, methodologies and best practices.

Twitter @DZone 57.6 followers

14. Tech Talk


Tech Talk is a tech blog that mainly talks about emergent technologies, digital marketing, business and research as their name suggests.

They post new articles from time to time that talk about the above topics which can come in handy for you as a reader.

Twitter @TechTalksUpdates 57.2K followers.



As the name suggests, Laravel News bring you the latest news in the Laravel world and how to use their packages to benefit you as a developer.

If you are interested in the Laravel web development framework, this is the blog to follow to keep yourself up to speed.

Twitter @laravelnews 47.7K followers.

16. Hyper Island


Hyper Island designs learning experiences that challenge both companies and individuals to grow and stay competitive in an increasingly digitized world.

It has a global presence and is renowned in the industry as one of the top technology institutions and their blog echos that.

Twitter @hyperisland 44.6K followers

 17. Mountain Goat Software

It belongs to Mike Cohn who has been developing high-performing software development teams and organizations through Agile and Scrum.

Throughout his blog he gives tips and guidance on how to build high-performing teams in your organization or workplace to help you achieve more. Twitter @mikewcohn 40.4K followers.



Circleci allows teams to rapidly build quality projects, at scale.

They do everything possible to give people everywhere the power to build and deliver software faster than ever before.

Their blog being among the best technology blogs provides you a platform to increase your knowledge on how to develop and design softwares. Twitter @ circleci 38.2K followers.



It is an all-in-one tool from sales to support and product design for people to run their businesses.

It gives insights on what to do and what not to do in order to succeed in your ecommerce business.

Twitter @Volusion 37.5K followers.



InfoQ helps progressive software development teams adopt new technologies and practices.

They provide software engineers with the opportunity to share experiences gained using innovator and early adopter stage techniques and technologies with the wider industry.

They spot emerging trends in software development that we believe have broad applicability and make our audience aware of them early keeping you updated. Twitter @InfoQ 35.8K followers

21. Programmableweb


It is a source of the latest technology news and information about Internet-based application programming interfaces (APIs).

ProgrammableWeb is a resource that will help you as a developer to hone your expertise, discover best practices, keep up on the latest news, and develop your own thoughts.

Twitter @programmableweb  28.7K followers

22. Femgineer


Femgineer is an education company that empowers today’s techies of all genders to build forward thinking companies and impactful products.

It has courses, workshops and resources that are designed to inspire, encourage, and teach innovation while promoting inclusivity in the tech community.

Twitter @femgineer 24.9K followers.



Today I Found Out is based on the idea that it is always good to learn something new every day.

It features daily articles from various credentialed authors and everything on it has been highly researched. For new facts and findings, this is the site to visit.

Twitter @TodayIFoundOut1 23.9K followers

24. Take It Personel-ly

Takeitpersonel-ly top 100 tech blog

Take It Personel-ly is a platform that discusses project management tools , digital marketing, ecommerce among others.

It gives you step-by-step guide on how to carry out certain activities in the different areas. It is informative and very helpful.

Twitter @CBechervaise 23.6K followers



Geoawesomeness is a blog about geospatial technologies and everything awesome around it. They are passionate about gis, maps, location-based apps, geomarketing, drones and remote sensing.

All this is laid out on their blogs as it shows technology being integrated into maps and how that has made some work easier.

Twitter @geoawesomeness 22.3K followers

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It is a collection of the latest posts about tech and software engineering trends, startup advice and business insights. The blog also has in-depth guides and interviews with industry leaders and domain experts.

It gives you all information there is to know about developing and software engineering. Twitter @CodementorIO 22.1K followers.



User Experience Magazine publishes a wide range of articles dealing with the broad field of usability and the user experience. They publish 5 issues a year, each on a broad theme in user experience.

It gives broad knowledge on the importance and  how to better user experience on websites or any other online platform you are creating

Twitter @UXPA_Int 21.3K followers.

28. CrowdCrux


Among the best blogs that help individuals run successful crowdfunding campaigns.

The blog provides you with all the tools, step-by-step guides and knowledge to run a successful crowdfunding campaign in order to get your business off the ground.

It also brings you some awesome marketing tips, promotional resources, proven campaign strategies, and more. Twitter @CrowdCrux 19.1K followers

29. Jeffpatton&


The website is by Jeff Patton is the glue that connects good product management and strategy, lean user experience and agile delivery practices together.

Jeff’s blog talks about product design and Agile and how they can benefit the company in particular. Twitter @jeffpatton 18.6K followers

30. DevelopSense


Michael Bolton is the owner of the site and collaborated with James Bach and developed Rapid Software Testing.

The purpose of the RST is to reveal problems that threaten the value of software products and projects. In his blog, he goes on to expound on the RST and how it can help you as a developer. Twitter @michaelbolton 18.5K followers

31. Pete Warden’s Blog


Pete Warden is an engineer and author of the books: The Public Data Handbook and The Big Data Glossary for O’Reilly.

His blogs talks alot about data training and how to improve it, new interfaces coming up as well as speech commands.

Twitter @petewarden 15.6K followers



InDesign Secrets is part of the Creative Publishing Network family of sites and services for creative professionals.

The site features thousands of tips, techniques, and tutorials by top experts, the widest-circulation podcast and a leading industry forum.

Twitter @indesignsecrets 15.2K followers

33. The Windows Club

The Windows Club is one of the top technology websites and is primarily targeted at the Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 & Windows Vista users.

It addresses and covers issues in relation to Microsoft and Windows operating system. If you have a question or a problem with your windows, visit the site to get a few ideas on how to solve them. Twitter @TheWindowsClub 14.1K followers

34. MacDailyNews


MacDailyNews posts articles that provide high tech news about Apple Inc. and their products, and to opine about all things related to Apple.

Most importantly, they provide a place for our readers and the Apple community to discuss

these daily news items in their own words with real-time feedback. For the latest Apple news, this is the platform to visit. Twitter @MacDailyNews 14.1K followers


Chandoo-best-tech-blogs-to-follow is a blog operated by Purna Duggirala who shares what he learns about Microsoft Excel.

He shares excel tips, charting tutorials, visualization ideas, downloadable excel tutorials and new ways of presenting data. The blog has over 500 tutorials, examples and downloadable workbooks for you. Twitter @r1c1 13.1K followers

36. Idea Girl Media


Idea Girl Media was created by Keri Jaehnig, a social media management and online marketing pro.

She writes mostly on social media and how you can use the various tools to grow your brand and make it successful. Twitter @ideagirlmedia 12.7K followers

37. The Cyberwire


Cyberwire is a platform where they focus on cyber security and tech news from across the world.

They deliver concise, relevant and accessible information on the topics. They mostly do this through briefings and podcasts which have a vast reach.

Twitter @thecyberwire 11.8K followers



Product Plan is a roadmap software which makes roadmapping easy, transparent and collaborative.

It helps users to plan, communicate and visualize their product decisions and strategy day in day out with other people.

Twitter @ProductPlan 11.6K followers

39. Deskmag


Deskmag talks about the new type of workspaces, how they look, how they function, how they could be improved and how we work in them.

A trend of coworking spaces that has emerged which is being used by small companies and independent workers. Deskmag brings out the new ideas in workspaces and how they are evolving. Twitter @deskmag 10.9k followers.

40. Stonemaier Games


They create fun, memorable games that delight and engage gamers all across the world.

On top of that they share their experiences in the gaming world as well as crowdfunding and entrepreneurial successes with other creators.

Twitter @jameystegmaier 10.5K followers.


Project-Management-technology-guest-blog is a reference for most project managers. They have put together different platforms from softwares, apps and smartsheets that can ease ones interaction with project management tools.

Step-to-step guidance and ways to increase productivity are laid out as well in the site. Twitter @PMArticles 10.4K followers

42. Corona Labs


Corona is a framework ideal for easily and quickly creating apps and games for mobile devices and desktop systems.

They provide a platform where once you create your project you can publish it to multiple types of devices like Apple and Android.

Twitter @CoronaLabs 10.3K followers.

43. Ourcrowd


Ourcrowd is a leading crowdfunding platform for investing in global startups. It offers startup investing and through individual investors who sponsor innovations that change the way people conduct business.

Through this platform, new startups get a chance to pitch their ideas and get funding to do them. Twitter @OurCrowd 8678 followers

44. Addgene Blog


Addgene make the process of research and discovery faster and easier by improving access to useful research materials and information from past research.

This works in such a way that when a research is done, plasmids from the research are added to addgene and other researcher can access them for future experiments. Twitter @Addgene 7938 followers.


DotNetCurry-cloud-technology-blog is an information technology blog that keeps track of the latest Web, Mobile, Windows and Cloud technologies being invented and released every day.

Their mission to provide a developer focused content platform as well as give a better understanding of technology around.

Twitter @DotNetCurry 7402 followers.



This is a platform for Technology, Social Culture, and Business awesome content with relevant up-to-date stories that matter.

Their articles are up to date with the latest technology trends and also guides on different topics.

They also develop and manage social media campaigns for brands and individuals. Twitter @jbklutseblogs  7135 followers.

47. Silicon Bayou News


This is a place where innovators, entrepreneurs, developers are making great strides in modern technology.

The site was developed to market their products and services from New Orleans and it has grown to cover bigger events.

Twitter @SiliconBayou 6814 followers.


Heart-Internet-information-technology-blogs-2018 is Europe’s leading hosting authority. They make sure their customers are properly equipped in order to ensure their success.

They also help developers choose the tools good for them in getting work done.

Twitter @HeartInternet 6781 followers.

49. Social Positives


Social Positives is a blog that mostly deals with How Tos and SEO.

It gives it’s readers information on how to accomplish certain tasks like keep their information protected.

They also give advice on the tools to use for things like presentations and other things.

Twitter @anzilone 6523 followers.



The blog is run by Brendan who teaches on how to use inbound marketing, social media and the school’s brand online to attract new students to courses.

He shares his experiences at Sewickley Academy to help you through the same process.

He posts two to three times a week.

Twitter @shneiderb 6309 followers.

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51. CollectiveRay


CollectiveRay is run by David Attard who is a web designer

The website is for web designers, webmasters and WordPress users. They provide good articles on technology of making web design and administration of your website easier.

Twitter @DARTCreations 5987 followers.

52. Livable Software


The site is about softwares, and especially open source software.

They help one to develop a software that is correct, usable, respond to the users’ needs and evolve accordingly.

Twitter @softmodeling 5921 followers.



Digitalvtech is a digital marketing and technology resource blog.

It provides all the latest information about the above topics which is very useful for digital marketers, bloggers and the web developers.

Twitter @digitalvtech-co 5876 followers.

54. is a Canadian internet provider that develop and implement policies that support Canada’s internet community.

The blog on their site goes on to talk of the goal to provide internet access to everyone and also improve its connectivity.

Twitter @ciranews 5840 followers.

55. Hellbound Bloggers


Hellbound bloggers is a web magazine covering the latest tech news from social media, blogging, WordPress to internet and technology.

The posts are contributed by bloggers and techies from all over the world.

Twitter @HellBoundBlog 5723 followers

56.Empire Flippers


Empire Flippers help people sell and buy online businesses.

The website also does have articles that help readers know more about good branding, online businesses as well as SEOs.

Twitter @EmpireFlippers 5454 followers.

57. Artificial Lawyer


Artificial Lawyer is a site dedicated to ‘New Wave‘ legal technology. This is defined as technology that ‘performs work’ in a legal context, rather than just storing or moving legal information. Often this involves AI, but also several other types of technology.

It has a very high readership all across the world in over 20 countries. Twitter @ArtificialLawya 4943 followers.

58. SmartShoot Blog


Smart Shoot helps people to take good quality pictures for their brands, websites and companies.

They also have different articles on how to do achieve perfect photos, how to start your own photography business.

On top of that, they show you different ways you can incorporate new technology such as drones into your work. Twitter @stevepyoung 4887 followers.

59. Growing Agile


The blog is run by two ladies, Karen and Sam who are agile coaches and work with individuals as well as teams to achieve their goals.

Their website mostly talks on what exactly agile is, how agile teams work, different coaching tools and making teams successful.

Twitter @GrowingAgile 4604 followers.

60. euroDNS


This is a good technology website that mostly talks about domain names and why they are important for your business.

Email marketing is also a major topic on their blog which can help small businesses that are starting up.

Twitter @euroDNS 4316 followers.

61. Social Media Revolver


Social Media Revolver is a tech blog that gives its readers advice and guides them on how to accomplish their goals through technology.

The blog has some of the best tech articles from email marketing, SEO, social media marketing, how to use the social sites like facebook and twitter to do your marketing.

Twitter @SocialMediaRvl 4057 followers.

 62. Printful


They make print products for clients and deliver them to where they have to go.

They have a blog that they give advice on many topics such as how to get into the printing business as well as marketing tips to use to grow your business.

Twitter @Printful 3976 followers.

63. Buildbox


Buildbox makes it possible for its users to create amazing games without the hustle of scripting, programming or software design experience.

They give guides as well on how to create the games as well as the best color palettes to use.

​Twitter @buildboxcom 3854 followers.

64. Themeisle


Themeisle gives websites that are not using WordPress easy-to-use themes and designs that can be managed by everyone.

They continue to give more advice on WordPress and why you should switch to it.

Twitter @ThemeIsle 3739 followers.

65. Technotification

Technotification is a content portal that targets readers interested in technology, cyber security, computers and science.

The articles on the site are on the importance of digital innovation, robotics and cyber security and how it empowers and inspires people around the world towards new better ideas. Twitter @tech9tification 3611 followers.

66. Codecondo


Codecondo is a community for developers, designers, and business people.

It shares useful news, tutorials, tips, resources and tools, on design, development and other topics. Everyone is sure to find something here that is useful and interesting. Twitter @codecondoltd 3537 followers.

67. eAskme


eAskme helps its readers by giving guides on how to become online entrepreneurs.

They have many articles where you can learn on different topics such as SEO, blogging, how to choose the best hosting plan and ecommerce marketing.

Twitter @vhowtodo  3424 followers.

68. FreeeUp


FreeeUp hires remote freelancers online.

It facilitates the connection of freelancers in fields like eCommerce, digital marketing, and web development with growing companies and individuals all around the world.

They have a blog that they talk on how to choose the best freelancer to achieve your goals. Twitter @freeeup 3322 followers.

69.The Paciello Group


The Paciello Group works with different organizations in a variety of industries like technology, banking, ecommerce and healthcare.

The blog gives information on different technology topics and how they are incorporated in the different sectors.

Twitter @paciellogroup 3250 followers.



V-Play offers plugins for ads, in-app purchases as well as analytics. It helps enhance the Qt core with components for app and game development.

The blog has articles from app development, game development, plugins and tips on different topics.

Twitter @vplayengine 3249 followers.

71. Webmaster-Success


The blog is owned by Kharim Tomlinson from Jamaica. He uses the blog to teach people how to create a blog, how to be a tech blogger and make money out of it.

His articles expound on these topics giving step-to-step guides.

Twitter @kharimtomlinson 3207 followers.

72. Technology Networks


Technology Networks is a high tech news site that provides its readers internationally access to the latest scientific news, products, research, videos and posters.

They have articles on the latest advancements in the technology and science world and how they are contributing in different areas such as medicine. ​

​Twitter @Tech_Networks 3127 followers.

73. SmallBizClub


SmallBizClub helps small business succeed by providing all the resources and tools they need to grow and thrive.

They have articles about how to start, run, and grow a business. They have guides for understanding finance and technology worlds.

Twitter @thesmallbizclub 2776 followers.



Cryptovest is a source of cryptocurrency information. They  provide information to help you take full advantage of the opportunities in the industry.

They have reviews and educational content in their articles that help the reader make wise decisions in the crypto world.

Twitter @CryptovestMedia 2763 followers.

75. CodexWorld


CodexWorld is a programming and web development tech blog.

They provide online resources on programming and web development and deliver useful tutorials for web developers, programmers, freelancers and site owners.

The articles range from web and app development, PHP, HTML, CSS and many others. Twitter @codexworldblog 2470 followers.

76. TradeGecko


TradeGecko is a cloud-based inventory management platform for businesses that want smooth flow in commerce.

They have tools, ebooks, webinars and articles on topics like ecommerce, supply chain management, B2B ecommerce among others.

Twitter @tradegecko 2358 followers.

77. Just Web World


Just Web World is a technology blog with the latest technology news and articles.

It covers topics in the technology world related to computers, Android software and devices, business, blogging, SEO, WordPress, web designing tutorial and security news

Twitter @JustWebWorld 2114 followers.

78. Re-nourish


Re-nourish is a nonprofit organization that provides online tools for the design community.

They help start-up graphic designers, educators, and students make good design decisions for a healthy people, planet, and profit.

The blog provide information to help designers implement more sustainable ideas. Twitter @renourish 1984 followers.

79.  Blog Dash


BlogDash help brands and bloggers connect. They created an easy-to-use Blogger Outreach Software platform to make communication easier between PR agencies/brands and bloggers.

Their blog has many articles that focus on topics like email and digital marketing, tips on achieving your SEO goals and ecommerce websites.

Twitter @articlehubus 1957 followers

80. BeeWits


BeeWits is a digital marketing agency that have developments tools to help create awesome websites to fit your needs.

They have many articles on their blog that talk about web design and project management to help their readers learn on the same.

Twitter @beewitsapp 1709 followers



Nick provides web design services and designs professional websites for clients.

He provides owners of website training and support on how to update content photos on their website using WordPress CMS.

His articles on the blog talk on web design as well as digital marketing and other latest technology updates. Twitter @nickthrolson 1641 followers

82. WP Buffs


WP Buffs manage WordPress websites for agencies, business owners and entrepreneurs.

The blog adds on to this and gives details on WordPress businesses and everything there is to know about WordPress websites.

Twitter @thewpbuffs 1593 followers.

83. Digital Health Buzz!


Digital Health Buzz! is a platform one can come to find out what’s happening in the digital health world.

They have informative articles and thoughts to apply in your business and grow it.

They give advice on the various apps and technologies you can use in the fitness world to ease the process. Twitter @dighealthbuzz 1546 followers.

84. My Path To Passive Income


The site is a financial technology blog run by Esteban who has ventured into affiliate marketing.

He has articles where you can learn everything you need to know to create a successful online business and become financially independent.

He helps starters to create their own websites and he has an SEO guide for beginners. Twitter @essiman 1472 followers

85. Taswar Bhatti


The blog is run by Taswar who has been in the software industry for many years.

He has videos and articles talking of the different web development frameworks and all there is to know about software development.

Twitter @taswarbhatti 1094 followers.

86. TechAtLast


TechAtLAst is a top tech blog that provides everyday guides on in-depth technology advancement reports, reviews and discoveries.

It has top tech articles in the site about web hosting, mobile applications, app design, security among others.

Twitter @TECHATLAST 1031 followers.

 87. Eylean


Eylean is a Scrum and Kanban desktop software that integrates with the Office tools to provide the a good project management experience for the team.

The blog expounds on the Eylean features available explaining on each one of them. Agile and project management are other topics broken down in the blog.

Twitter @EyleanBoard 999 followers.

88. euroVPS


They help businesses with their hosting requirements.

They have articles explaining more on hosting, which is the best to use for startups and how many resources one needs for their VPS.

Twitter @EuroVPS 909 followers.

89. Piotr Gankiewicz


Piotr is a software engineer with over 7 years experience.

He delivers the best technology articles possible in terms of free and open software as well as programming courses.

Twitter @spetzu 867 followers.

90. Research 2 Guidance


The research 2 guidance is keen about the mobile app economy and works to help improve the quality of healthcare for people globally which led them to create mHealth.

Their articles continue to talk about new technology such as AI and how it has and can improve the health sector.

Twitter @r2guidance 818 followers.

91.The Next Scoop


The Next Scoop is an internet marketing blog providing news, tips and information about internet marketing, social media marketing, SEO and Reputation Management.

The blog has expert take opinions and reviews on topics like digital marketing and how to boost your business.

Twitter @TheNextScoop 684 followers.

92. Authentic Style


Authentic Style creates websites and ecommerce shops for business all over.

They have a blog where there are guide articles on how to redesign your website and get more business, branding, email marketing and social media.

Twitter @as_agency 595 followers

93. WebsTeach


Webs Teach is among the best tech blogs to follow because they provide useful and very informative articles.

Their articles cover areas such as SEOs, Machine Learning, web design among others.

They also have tutorials on graphics, web design and programming. Twitter @websteach 409 followers

94. Datanyze Resources


Datanyze Resources is home to many technology articles that can help developers as they grow.

It has articles, webinars and ebooks on topics like web development, digital and email marketing and how to use data to raise your sales. Twitter @JoeVignolo 385 followers.

95. Recovery Android


Recovery Android is known to provide software products for home users as well as professionals.

It has a blog where it talks of different topics like android software, importance of WordPress and gives Apple tips that are very useful.

Twitter @recoveryandroid 224 followers

96. Symbiotics


Symbiotics offer software development services hosting and cloud enablement which is becoming a high demand service among businesses

They have very well researched on articles that talk of web development frameworks that can prove useful to developers among other topics.

Twitter @SymbioticsApps 156 followers.

97. Kavoir


The site is run by Yang who is a technology enthusiast.

He writes articles on different topics like web hosting, SEOs, cyber security, different programming languages and many more.

The blog is very diverse and informative. Twitter @ichsie 126 followers.

98. Nascenia


Nascenia is a software company that creates customized softwares for their clients.

They have a very well informed blog about web development, design and about web development frameworks that one can use.

Twitter @NasceniaIT 102 followers.

99. Northlight Images 


Northlight images uses equipment and software to take creative pictures for clients that gets their message across.

The blog has tutorials and articles on how to achieve certain things in photography and how you can incorporate technology to achieve just that.

Twitter @NIprophoto 97 followers

100. Software Testing Genius


Software Testing Genius helps guide its users polish their skills in software testing and quality assurance in different ways.

They have articles that guide you on software testing and also how to get a software testing certification in order to move up the ladder in your profession. Twitter @CertnTesting 9 followers


There are definitely more popular technology blog for that can prove a great resource other than the top 100 tech sites I have listed here.

However, this list biased on the side of blogs I actually read myself.

I hope the list helps you come up with a a couple of top technology blogs to bookmark and tune into daily for inspiration and further learning as a professional software developer…

Do you have some great technology blogs that would be a great read for developers that I did not mention here?

Please share your link in the comments below.

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