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In this category you’ll find general tutorials for basic concepts in PHP, JavaScript, HTML & CSS for gearing up to a more thorough online development course.

5 WordPress Tips for Busy Entrepreneurs

WordPress is the CMS(Content Management System) of choice for many aspiring online entrepreneurs because it provides a easy entry into the field of web design and site development. For an entrepreneur

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How to Install Sublime Text 3 in Windows

In order to write and edit your PHP code you need a text editor. Sublime Text is a light weight text editor but has a bunch of features just close to an IDE. Besides, it’s free to download and install

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How to Install XAMPP in Windows

In order to write and test your PHP scripts you need a web server. You can install a web server on your local computer in just a few steps. XAMPP is an Apache distribution that comes bundled together

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PHP Tutorials – How To Declare Variables in PHP

Variables are like containers for storing information. In PHP a variable is declared by prepending a dollar ($) to the variable name. Unlike other programming languages, PHP has no command for declaring

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PHP Tutorials – Case Sensitivity in PHP

In PHP, key words are case insensitive whereas variable names are case sensitive. Create an empty text file in your server root directory and save it as  casesensitivity.php  and then include the

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PHP Tutorials – How to Include Comments in PHP

A comment is a line of code that is not supposed to be executed as part of the program. You can use a comment to show others what you are doing or to reminder yourself of what you did. A common occurrence

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PHP Tutorials – PHP Syntax

PHP scripts can be placed anywhere inside an HTML document. You can place them at the beginning of your HTML, inside the HTML tags or at the end of the HTML document. In this tutorial we are going to

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How to Create a PHP Abstract Class

An abstract class in PHP is special because it can not be instantiated. Instead, you typically inherit a set of base functionality from them in a new class. For that reason, they are commonly used as

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How to Create SVG Images

SVG is an image format for vector graphics. It literally means Scalable Vector Graphics. In HTML5, you can embed SVG elements directly into your HTML pages as images and use them for cool effects such

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